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Clients provide available project information and H22OS defines and analyze the project scope and requirements prior to the client making a capital investment.  Our team has completed a wide vairety of pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, and preliminary design work for hundreds of projects throughout their years of work experience.

We have extensive experience completing:

  • Process simulations and equipment selection to determine the performance of project options
  • Site plan layouts for selected process and material handling options to determine project footprint and allow for estimation of material quantities
  • Preliminary capital cost estimates to determine which project options are affordable
  • Return on investment comparisons to select the most economical and profitable design
  • Reports which describe all technical and economical aspects of a project with concise summaries and recommendations


Once a project design option has been approved, H22OS completes detailed engineering and design in order to begin construction.

We have extensive experience completing:

  • Optimized final process design based on all available information
  • Interact with our trusted equipment suppliers to confirm that all equipment selected for a project will perform the required duty
  • Final site plan layouts for all process buildings and material handling
  • Capital cost estimates to determine highly accurate project costs
  • Prepare bid packages including lump sum fixed price offers as well as cost-plus offers based on client preferences
  • Prepare detailed project schedules to ensure all projects are completed on time